Apple Business Essentials, designed for small businesses

The Cupertino giant has announced that Apple Business Essentials is now available for small businesses. This service was presented last November, and we already told you all its news in this article, but it was in a kind of beta phaseas confirmed by Apple itself.

Now, Apple Business Essentials has come out of that beta, and as we anticipated it gives a Fairly comprehensive support for small businesses, although unfortunately at the moment this is only available for the US market. We don’t know when it will ‘cross the pond’, but it looks like that won’t happen anytime soon, so we’ll just have to be patient.

All the keys that we initially saw about Apple Business Essentials beta are kept, which means that this service is available for companies that have up to 500 employeesand that uses a subscription model based on the payment of a monthly fee that varies depending on the storage that we need in iCloud, and also on the number of devices that we want to link.

Apple Business Essentials offers management features focused on device setup and onboarding, iCloud storage, and optional 24/7 access to Apple Support through AppleCare+ for Business. The latter includes telephone support also on a 24/7 basis, training for both employees and IT administrators and up to two device repairs per plan per year.

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The base plan of Apple Business Essentials is priced at $2.99 ​​per month per user, while the “top” plan is priced at $12.99. The basic plan only includes 50 GB of iCloud storage, while the most advanced plan, in multi-device mode, includes 2 TB of storage. If we add AppleCare+ for Business, the cost shoots up to $9.99 per month in the version with 50 GB of storage, and rises to $24.99 per month in the version with 2 TB of storage. You can find more information on the official Apple website.

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