Apple buys startup Infinite Music Engine to create artificial music

AI Music

Since its inception, Apple has always been attending and listening to external developers who knock on the door of Apple Park to offer their ideas and projects to the company. And when Apple believes that submitted software can to get better the features of your devices, you buy it without problems, to adapt it to your system.

This week he just made one of those acquisitions. He has stayed with the startup Infinite Music Engine. Said project is a platform for creating music using artificial intelligence. And the possibilities offered by such software are certainly interesting.

Apple has closed an agreement with the owners of the startup Infinite Music Engine and has kept it. It is a digital platform capable of create music. It uses artificial intelligence to create songs that it can modify in real time according to different external factors, such as the ambient sound or the user’s heartbeat.

As reported by Bloomberg, AI Music software can create songs using algorithms of artificial intelligence. Soundtracks are dynamic and can change in real time based on user interaction. For example, a song may have a different tempo depending on the slow or light pace of a workout.

Even the startup itself has claimed that it can adapt the rhythm of the songs created to the heart rate of the user. Seeing these possibilities, Apple has not hesitated to keep this idea to adapt it to the software of its devices in the future.

AI Music and Apple had been negotiating the purchase for several weeks, the officiality of which was announced this Monday. The amount of money agreed has not transpired, but we are sure that the creators of the startup must be extremely happy with the sale made. When Apple likes something, it usually pays well.

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