Apple buys the company Mira to enhance the Vision Pro


On June 5, at WWDC 2023, Apple fulfilled the forecasts. He presented the new Vision Pro or what is the same, the new augmented or virtual reality glasses. With specifications worthy of the best terminals in that range at a not inconsiderable price. Apple has made a strong commitment to this product and not only demonstrates it by presenting it at the developer conference but also after it has been known that it has acquired a new small company called Mira in order to empower the new gadget.

Apple’s Vision Pro is already a reality. The American company wants this product to succeed despite the price they have. But it is known that he wants them to succeed because the move he has made in advance of his presentation, although it has been known moments after, is bold. With trust. Confidence that they will have a great product. The Vision Pro will be promoted by the workers of the now extinct company Mirada. Whose object the manufacture and development of virtual reality glasses

In fact, the Mirada company specialized in such a way that it even managed to certain military contracts. She was also the one who developed the immersive Mario Karts experience found at Universal Studios.

Based in Los Angeles, right now the company already acquired by Apple, will continue working but this time for the Vision Pro to reach a place at the top of this range of devices. Confirmed the purchase by the CEO of Mirada not by Apple, as is customary, it is known that 11 company workers will remain faithful to their work. We will follow its evolution with interest. Because, after all, it will be this company that sets the trends for the future of Vision Pro.

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