Apple Car: This is what the electric car should look like

The Apple Car continues to make fans of the brand dream. Several years before its launch, renderings based on official patents show what the design of the electric and 100% autonomous car could look like.

vanarama apple car concept

For several years, Apple has been working on its own electric and autonomous car. Mentioned under the provisional name of Apple Car, this mysterious vehicle is regularly talked about on the web. But, for now, the design of the future racing car is still a big unknown.

On the base multiple patents filed by Apple In recent years, Vanarama, a leading UK car rental company, has been developing 3D renderings showing the potential design of the Apple Car. To develop these images, the firm was also inspired of the design of the other products of the Californian brand, like iPhone, MacBook or iPad.

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The 100% autonomous Apple Car unveils itself

According to the patents consulted by Vanarama, the Silicon Valley giant is currently developing an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). Inside the vehicle, there are seats capable of turning. Thanks to these seats, thethe interior can easily be transformed into a real living room. As expected, Apple is focusing on building a fully autonomous car.

In fact, the driver will not need to slip behind the wheel. Several reputable sources, including Mark Gurman of the Bloomberg agency, say that Apple will focus on 100% autonomous driving. For a while, Apple was developing two versions of the Apple Car, including a version without driver assistance. Within the passenger compartment, we find in particular a command dedicated to activating Siri, intelligent voice assistant, and a customizable dashboard.

The latest news is that Apple is expected to present the Apple Car during the year 2024. The Cupertino giant would then wait several months before putting the car on the market. Rumors speak of a commercialization date of 2025. We tell you more about the project as soon as possible. While waiting for more information, feel free to give your opinion in the comments below.

vanamara apple car concept2

vanamara apple car concept4
Apple Car
Apple Car

Source: MacRumors

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