Apple changes its mind and does not recover the face-to-face sessions Today at Apple

This morning, my colleague Manuel published an article in which he informed you of the Today at Apple face-to-face sessions in both the United States and Europe. However, it seems that the company has changed its mind and for now has decided not to get them back on August 30.

Apple has released a new statement in which it states that the Today at Apple face-to-face classes will no longer be available as of August 30, ddue to the continued increase of the Delta variants of the coronavirus, both in the United States and in other countries.

When Apple announced that Today sessions to Apple would be available again starting August 30, started accepting reservations for these face-to-face classes in some stores, but after the new statement issued a few hours later, the option to reserve face-to-face classes has disappeared and only virtual classes are offered.

In addition to delaying Today at sessions, Apple is also increasing COVID testing both in stores and among company employees, according to Bloomberg. Employees participating in Apple’s in-home testing program will now receive test kits twice a week instead of once a week.

With the emergence of more contagious variants like delta, we believe that more frequent testing will better protect you and all Apple employees. Starting August 16, Quest will mail you two test kits a week instead of one.

For now Apple hasn’t risked announcing a new date in which face-to-face sessions of Today at Apple are available again, but for now, everything seems to indicate that these will still take a few months to return.

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