Apple closes internal Slack channels used by employees to discuss return to office

Due to the increase in the number of infections, Apple has extended the return to the offices for the month of October, a return that is accompanied by the demand by the company that employees are vaccinated, following the same move that Google announced a few days ago ..

According to what they say from The Verge, continuing with the soap opera that has been generated in Apple’s offices with the return to face-to-face activity, from Apple they are taking care of close all internal Slack channels used by employees to discuss Apple’s propositions regarding work in person.

The Verge reporter, who released this news, Zoe Schiffer, claims that the Cupertino-based company has begun cracking down on Slack channels that are not directly related to employees’ work, banning the use of channels for activity and hobbies that are not related to projects or part of official employee groups, although they have not always been used for these purposes according to various employees.

It is clear that Apple does not want the Slack platform to continue to be used as a method of contact between employees who do not agree with the return to the offices in person. The employees have released two letters in which they say they are unhappy with Apple’s move and they demand more flexible working conditions.

In the last request that was published in these Slack channels, you could read:

We remain concerned that this unique solution is causing many of our colleagues to question their future at Apple. With COVID-19 numbers rising again around the world, vaccines proving to be less effective against the delta variant, and the long-term effects of the infection not well understood, it is too early to force those with concerns to return. to the office.

According to Zoe Shiffer, employees feel their demands are not being heard. Since last Friday, three new employees have left their jobs at Apple. One of them, He had been with the company for more than 13 years.

It remains to be seen what happens next: if Apple softens its hybrid work model or if some of the most critical employees back down (or quit). If employees feel that Apple is ignoring their requests, remove the platforms where these issues are discussed it will not be greeted with favorable responses.

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