Apple: confirmed the first keynote of 2022

A few weeks ago we expected an Apple keynote for March and even we ventured, a few days ago, to bet on the eighth of March, when we talk about what, until then, were the latest rumors regarding the third generation iPhone SE, surely accompanied by some other release. And it is that, let us remember, if the predictions are fulfilled, this 2022 could be a particularly prolific year in terms of the launch of new Apple devices and, although most are expected for autumn, others will not have to wait so long.

And now we can stop speculating and confirm it, since Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, Greg Joswiak, has published a tweet with the text «Peek performance. March 8th. See you there. #AppleEvent»and that, therefore, confirms that we are not wrong and that the first Apple keynote of this 2022 will take place next Tuesday, March 8just in six days. The time is not indicated, but based on the history, we can expect it to take place around 1:00 p.m. PDT, 6:00 p.m. in the Canary Islands and 7:00 p.m. in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

And as usual, Apple has already told us that the content of the presentation will be… no, just kidding. Evidently, as always do those from Cupertino, the suspense is maintained until the last moment. The content of the message, in addition to the date of the event, refers to a performance peak, which we can interpret as meaning that, even without knowing for sure which devices will be presented, they will show enormous performance.

And this makes me think that, perhaps, we could find ourselves facing the return of the iMac Pro, a proposal that we thought that Apple had ruled out, but that in reality should be reformulating itself to return, yes, having already made the leap to Apple Silicon. I bring this up because Apple always mentions improvements in the performance of its devices, but this point is never the main focus of its presentations, something that could be different in this event.

The other option would be, of course, the debut of the long-awaited Mac Pro with Apple Silicon, which should arrive with Apple M1 Max Duo and Quadro, the expected evolutions of the current Apple M1 Max. There are not many voices that point to such an early launch, but we should not rule out this option, and even that March will finally be the debut month of both Mac Pro and iMac Pro. As a movement it makes a lot of sense, so we point it out in the list of possibilities, especially considering the apocryphal text of Joswiak’s tweet

What there is no doubt about, or we would be enormously disappointed, is that Apple will present the new iPhone SE on March 8thus halving the life cycle of its predecessor with respect to the previous one, since let us remember that the first one had a market validity of four years, while the one that is still currently on the market is around two years.

Now the big doubt, in addition to the models that Apple will finally present, has to do with its priceAnd if the most conservative thing would be to expect it to remain at $399 for the second-generation model, some analysts have pointed out that it could drop to $299, and Mark Gurman jumps into the pool with a really surprising prediction: from $199 Dollars.

If you want to know first-hand and from the first moment what those from Cupertino have presented on March 8, remember that we will tell you in MuyComputer.

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