Apple confirms its disaster with the new iOS and iPadOS betas

The Cupertino company does not stop developing new operating systems and yesterday Tuesday launched new betas of both iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, and although the times with iOS seem to be correct, with this new iPadOS beta Apple confirms the worst omens that iPad users feared. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

iOS 16 is nearing its final release

The weeks go by and the month of September is getting closer, Apple knows it and of course it does not stop for a single minute of polish to the maximum the operating system that the new iPhone will carry and that, obviously, all those users who have a compatible iPhone can also install it. For this reason, yesterday, Tuesday, the Cupertino company released the seventh beta for developers.

7th beta of iOS 16

As expected, being a seventh beta and being so close to the final release, this version does not bring any functional or aesthetic changes worth mentioning, since it simply focuses on improving the operating system with the aim that iOS 16, on the day of its launch, works perfectly on all the iPhones on which it is installed, and of course, given the operation of the betas, Apple must be congratulated for the good work done.

Apple won’t boot with iPadOS 16

If we have just said that Apple should be congratulated for the good development of iOS 16, we cannot say the same about the development of iPadOS 16. In recent weeks the possibility had been rumored that Apple delayed the release of the final version of iPadOS 16 because they were having problems with the Stage Manager function, well, yesterday those suspicions were confirmed.

Stage Manager

In fact, it has been the Cupertino company itself that has stated that iPadOS 16 will launch after iOS 16, accepting the problems they are having with the development of this new version. So much so, that together with the seventh beta of iOS 16, Apple has not launched a new beta of iPadOS 16.0, but has directly launched the first beta of iPadOS 16.1, since in the company’s own statement they affirm that it will be this version, more polished and optimized, which will end up coming out next fall. (

While iOS 16 will hypothetically come out with the release of new iPhone models, the dates to be able to install the final version of iPadOS 16 are not at all clear, since Apple has only limited itself to stating that it is available in the fall. It is possible that, taking advantage of the event that will be held to present new iPad and Mac models, the Cupertino company will also officially launch iPadOS 16, somewhat imitating the movement that it carries out with the new iPhone and its operating system, iOS. In short, what is clear is that Apple has had and has a big problem with iPadOS 16 and that, unfortunately, users will not be able to enjoy this version for a while.

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