Apple “confirms” the launch of new Macs

Details about Apple’s upcoming releases continue to be revealed, which would also confirm a more than possible event for this coming March. The latest indication of this is that the company has registered three new Macs in the Eurasian Economic Commission, a preliminary step that is always carried out before presenting new devices.

We remember that in previous weeks, Apple made a similar record for what we understand to be the third generation iPhone SE and the iPad Air. Therefore, and in line with the headline of this news, Apple has not officially confirmed these releases, but it makes them more than evident with these records that, whether they like it or not, end up being public.

What new Macs will Apple present?

Knowing which computers Apple is going to launch is something almost unpredictable today, since there have been lots of conflicting information. It is known that this year, with the exception of the 14 and 16 MacBook Pro, there would be a renewal of the entire range.

The M2 chip They seem to be among the first to show up this year, joining the Mac mini, 24-inch iMac and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Although in these previous ones there would be no outstanding aesthetic changes, this section being reserved for a MacBook Air completely redesignedwith new colors and a form factor that could be similar to that of the ‘Pro’ models presented at the end of 2021.

render macbook air m2

Render of the possible MacBook Air M2

It is true that Mac models with chips are also expected M1 Pro and M1 Max such as the 27-inch (or larger) iMac, as well as a hybrid between the current Mac mini and Mac Pro. However, these do seem closer to being released later this year.

According to the revelation of the registry in the Eurasian Economic Commission, there are only 3 computers that will launch imminently. So, unless the company registers any more, it seems clear that of the four hypothetical M2 previously discussed, they would only renew three right now. Knowing what the discard will be is a real unknown.

Possible event for March 8

Mark Gurman, one of the analysts with the highest rate of success and who has fueled this type of rumours, stated a week ago that the Californian company could hold a special event on March 8. Until then, we only knew of the existence of an event in spring without a defined date, and it could even be delayed until April, as happened last year.

So, although we cannot yet confirm that day 8, it seems more than evident that we will soon have news from Apple. We recall that in addition to these new Macs, the company is also expected to announce a new iPhone SE, an iPad Air with the same specifications as the iPad mini 6 and probably an entry-level iPad.

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