Apple considers that its workers are vaccinated for the face-to-face return

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A few weeks ago the idea of ​​returning to work in person at Apple’s facilities came to the fore. However, many workers complained about the idea and Apple opted for a temporary solution. At the moment the return to work was postponed but it must occur yes or yes. To do this, they are now considering that one of the requirements for that return is that employees are vaccinated.

Tim Cook reportedly told Lipton that Apple is primarily focusing on when employees must return in person. Yet the company is “making decisions almost daily.” More or less how it has been going on for a year and a half since all this began. To do this, one of the ideas that they are considering right now is to determine if one of the requirements for the return is that the employees have the complete vaccination schedule.

In this topic Google has been ahead of him, which already requires all employees returning to company offices to be vaccinated. That is why the decision that Apple can make is surely something that has already been tried and thought. Google has more than 130,000 employees and the vaccination requirement also applies to anyone who enters one of its offices.

For now work from home will continue until October after backing down on his initial decision to let it be in September. The question that arises for me is that of mandatory vaccination. Being vaccinated is a voluntary decision and I don’t know to what extent Apple could force employees to get vaccinated if any of them want us. However, on the other hand, it seems like a good idea to me since the vaccine is the ideal way to begin to see the end of all this.

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