Apple Contacts in South Korea for the Apple Car

It may seem like a long way off, but the Apple Car is still in the news regularly. In this case, the Cupertino firm and according to some local media, would have held meetings with some of the main electric car manufacturers in the country.

Several car companies in the Cupertino company itself met with other manufacturers in South Korea to develop what appears to be Apple’s electric car. It is clear that the firm has several fronts open in this regard and the software is an important part of the project but also the car itself.

Partner with an auto firm

In the past we have already seen some brushstrokes of this possible association of Apple with Nissan, General Motors or Hyundai-Kia, but in reality none of them ended up bearing fruit. The project of making its own electric car has cooled down over the months, at least externally, so we have not finally talked about it for a long time.

Now again the possibility that Apple makes its own electric car with the help of an automobile firm appears. In this sense, it is not that we have anything officially confirmed, much less, but it is true that we have been talking about the project or possible project for years, so something could finally end up arriving. The improvements have to be focused on the electric car batteries and in this Apple has a lot to say, we will see if it finally happens or not.

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