Apple could acquire the indie studio A24 for 2.5 billion euros

Apple continues its efforts to relaunch and boost Apple TV +. To do this, it continues to acquire quality series and movies starring first-name stars. But it also needs original content, always maintaining the quality that is the hallmark that distinguishes it from the rest, and for that it must surround itself with good companies. One of those members that will do you good is the A24 study. It is rumored that the American company based in Cupertino wants to get their services.

A new report from Variety details that independent film and television studio A24 has been exploring a possible sale, and Apple is among the companies that have expressed interest. A24 is said to have an acquisition price of between € 2 billion and € 2.5 billion. Both companies are old acquaintances. Apple and A24 have worked together on a variety of different projects since the inception of Apple TV +, including movies like On the Rocks and Boys State. At the moment, The two work together in the form of a multi-year agreement first reached in 2018.

The report indicates that Apple and A24 recently had discussions about a possible acquisition. Like A24 have recently started exploring a possible sale, Apple is among those interested. Possible scenarios for a deal have included merger with independent intermediaries or full takeover by a tech giant.

While some sources said the Apple acquisition talks were long overdue, other insiders said the talks were much more recent. The report goes on and details that while A24 also has a deal with Showtime currently, its deal with Amazon recently ended. This “could be attractive to technology companies that seek exclusivity for subscribers”Explains the report.

If the purchase finally materializes, Apple will have gained a creative and powerful ally.

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