Apple could introduce the new 15-inch MacBook Air in April

A new rumor says that Apple could introduce the new 15-inch MacBook Air between the end of March and April, although the most likely date would be the first half of april. This new laptop will be presented as an interesting alternative to the 13.6-inch model that Apple had been marketing, and it is expected to use an IPS panel. The first MacBook Air with OLED panel will not arrive until 2024, according to the latest information.

The 15-inch MacBook Air will be the largest in its class, and it will also be more powerful. Said equipment will come configured with an Apple M2 SoC, a chip that, as some of our readers will know, is 18% more powerful in CPU and 35% more powerful in GPU than the Apple M1. The biggest difference in performance that this chip has compared to the previous generation is in the neural unit, which is 40% more powerful.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a highly respected figure in the Apple world, this new laptop could be available in configurations with SoC M2 and M2 Pro. He also dropped the possibility that it would hit the market without the Air tag, something that would have sense because it would allow the apple company place it in an intermediate position between MacBook Air series and MacBook Pro series.

There have also been new rumors about the Next Generation Mac Pro, a team that will mount the SoC M2 Ultra and that will be, in theory, the “fastest” Mac made so far. This team will maintain the design of the 2019 model, and the most important changes will be present at the hardware level. It is said that Apple was working on an M2 Extreme SoC, and that this was going to be a very powerful solution, but that in the end it ended up being canceled because it was very difficult and expensive to manufacture.

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