Apple could launch an all-in-1 HomePod with FaceTime and Apple TV included

According to a brand specialist working for Bloomberg, Apple is currently working on a much more ambitious new HomePod model. According to his information, the Apple brand device would be a real Swiss army knife, offering both the functionality of a HomePod, but also Apple TV and a camera for video calls via FaceTime.

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In the connected speaker market, competition is fierce between the Amazon Echo 4, Google Nest Audio, Bose Home Speaker 500 and even the Sonos One SL, often considered the best proposition on the market for multiroom. For now, Apple has two models to its credit, namely the first HomePod, launched in 2018, and the HomePod Mini, formalized in October 2020 alongside the iPhone 12.

Only and since its launch, Apple hasn’t announced anything new regarding HomePods. This could soon change if we believe the statements of Mark Gurman, product specialist of the Cupertino company on behalf of Bloomberg. According to his information, Apple is currently working on a new version of its flagship connected speaker.

An all-in-one HomePod with FaceTime and Apple TV

It would be a hybrid formula, combining both classic HomePod services, but also features related to Apple TV for streaming and streaming videos. A camera should also be added to this, to make video calls via FaceTime. This HomePod 3.0 would obviously be compatible with Siri, the voice assistant of the American giant. According to Mark Gurman, this model would replace the first HomePod of the name in Apple’s offer, which as a reminder was withdrawn from the catalog in 2021 due to disappointing sales and especially the box of the HomePod mini.

On this subject, he adds that a new HomePod Mini could also see the light of day in the coming months. No wonder there, the miniature version of the HomePod having been a great success, in particular because of its attractive price below the 100 € mark. “I think a new HomePod is coming — more specifically, a device that combines a HomePod, Apple TV, and FaceTime camera. I don’t think a big standalone HomePod is in development yet, but maybe a new HomePod mini is coming. Either way, the combined product will likely be central to Apple’s approach, with HomePod minis surrounding it throughout the home.” assures the journalist in his Power On newsletter. Of course, this information should be taken with a grain of salt, for lack of official confirmation from Apple.

Source : Bloomberg

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