Apple could launch the first foldable iPad in 2024

The technology sector is advancing by leaps and bounds, adapting to the latest market developments and consumer needs. Although Manzana has always been reluctant to launch a foldable smartphone model, it would be considering putting it into circulation on the market the first foldable iPad for 2024.

The information has been leaked by Ming Chi Kuo, one of the analysts at TF International Securities via Twitter. Beside Mark gurman is one of the most reliable sources of the company. In his message, Kuo considers that it will be a revamped iPad Mini that it will increase shipments and improve the product mix, although it did not provide new details on the matter.

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One of the data that the analyst did drop was the composition of the new folding iPad. Initially I would have a dock support foot made of carbon fiber and produced by the Chinese component manufacturer Anjie Technology. The new device would have a design innovativebecoming light, ergonomic Y durable.

Similarly, Kuo has suggested that Apple might be collaborating with LG to create a ultrafine glass for its folding screens, which would make it separate from Samsung, which is currently one of its main panel suppliers. This would have dimensions of about 20 inches approximately.

As for his functionalitiesthe new folding iPad would be characterized by maintaining all the usual features of the iPad range, although with a clear focus on the multimedia aspect.

Kuo has not wanted to give an exact date, although he has guaranteed that we will take between nine and twelve months to see the first refreshed model, the iPad Mini, in this format. The Q1 2024 release date contrasts with the one previously offered by Display Supply Chain Consultant analyst Ross Young in February, when he said the 20-inch foldable iPad/MacBook would hit the market in 2026.

Later, Mark Gurman claimed that Apple was exploring a dual and hybrid model that combines a folding screen and in which the lower part serves as a virtual keyboard when the device is used as a cover, like a MacBook.

Kuo himself assured in 2021 that the new foldable iPhonewith a 7.5-8-inch screen, would arrive in 2023. Along these lines, Gurman stated that Apple would be considering the launch of a foldable device with a screen similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 inches. However, for the moment everything is the result of rumors.

In the short-medium term, Kuo believes that iPad shipments will drop by 10-15% once 2023 elapses. It would be the most immediate consequence after the boom in sales that technology companies experienced during the lockdowns due to the pandemic. But despite everything, the introduction of the new folding iPad to the market would not entail the expulsion of other existing models from the catalog, but would trigger the general sales of the company, since it would be added to the new mini and Pro models, which would have with OLED display.

It is not the first time that rumors have emerged about new Apple launches, such as hybrids of the iPad with a HomePod or an Apple TV for the home to larger screens, in addition to those already mentioned folding. The fact is that Apple is working on the iPad division and that, taking advantage of the media pull of Apple Reality (which could go public this spring), next year could bring us these new foldable iPad models.

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