Apple delays the power to carry official cards in Wallet until 2022


Apple jumped into the pool a few weeks ago announcing that by the end of the year, in some states of North America it could already take the official documentation of a user, such as the Driver’s license or American ID in the Wallet application of your iPhone and Apple Watch.

And now he’s backed out, and postpones until 2022. We all know the obsession that Apple Park has for the security of its users’ information. Well, it seems that the official bodies are not up to the task of raising both the security of citizens’ data, so Apple has encountered a major stumbling block. We will see how they solve it.Apple announced a few weeks ago that a new iOS 15 and watchOS 8 it was going to be implemented before the end of this year. The novelty is that the company wanted a user to be able to add their driver’s license or identity card to the Wallet application.

The idea is that this way, you can carry said official documentation in your iPhone and Apple watch. It was already wanted to be implemented in some US states, but Apple has encountered many problems for the state administration to accept its security conditions.


Just as we can already carry our COVID certificate in Wallet, Apple wants to do the same with the official documentation.

In the month of September, in Cupertino it was announced that Arizona and Georgia they would be among the first states to introduce the feature to their citizens, with Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah following next. Apple added that it was in talks with many more US states (reportedly including Florida) as it just outlined security protocols to offer the feature nationwide and then export it to other interested countries.

In theory, when going through an airport control, for example, instead of showing your documentation to an official, you will have the option of bringing your iPhone or Apple Watch to an NFC reader. If your documentation is in Wallet, a notice will appear on your device, and only the information requested with your Face ID or Touch ID will be authorized to send.

DGT application

But it seems that public administrations are not very keen on authorizing such identifications, and things are going on for a long time. So we will see if they solve it next year. Here in Spain, for example, they have solved it with a simple application of the General direction of traffic, and you can now carry your driver’s license on your iPhone. Of course, it is not as cool as carrying it in Wallet. But at least, we can leave the card stored on the bedside table….

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