Apple Developer Academy to Open in Korea in 2022


With more than a dozen academies around the world, the Apple Developer Academy has provided thousands of students with app development and entrepreneurship training. This program has put in your hands the necessary tools to be able to dedicate yourself professionally. Now Apple opens a new academy again. The Apple Developer Academy in Korea will open in 2022.

The first Apple Developer Academy opened its doors in Brazil in 2013. Since then, Apple has opened more than a dozen academies around the world, with the one in Korea soon to join. Academy students can learn the fundamentals of programming, as well as key professional competencies in areas such as design and marketing.

This new Apple Developer Academy will open its doors as part of Appleā€™s agreement to end an antitrust investigation with the Fair Trade Commission of the country. The agreement ended an antitrust investigation. It stated that Apple was forcing local telecommunications companies to pay the costs of warranty services and television advertising.

The new academy will open its doors in 2022 within the Pohang University of Science and Technology in Pohang, North Gyeongsang province. It will provide free training to Korean residents over the age of 19. On a nine month program. Applications to participate in the program will open in the coming months.

Although, as we have said before, this new opening supposes an expansion of the existing academies. From an existing scheme in various parts of the world. However, the manufacturing R&D support center will be the first facility of its kind to be operational. It will help small and medium-sized businesses to update their technologies and processes. It will do so by allowing coordinate Apple experts and teams with local businesses.

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