Apple, Drake and Travis Scott sued over Astroworld concert deaths

On November 5, the Astroworld concert was held, a concert organized by Live Nation and with the participation of Drake and Travis Scott among others. At one point during the concert, a total of 10 people were killed and more than 300 people were injured when a crowd of people swarmed.

A lawyer representing 125 attendees at the event has filed a lawsuit against the organizers, the main guests and against Apple, whose streaming music platform, Apple Music, broadcast live at the event and in which they demand 750 million in compensation .

According to the Houston Chronicle, lawyer Tony Buzbee alleges gross negligence and seeks damages for the “loss of mental and physical health and human life.”

No amount of money will make these plaintiffs recover; no amount of money can restore human life. The requested quantum includes enough punitive damages to punish and make an example of all those involved in the streaming, promotion, organization and failed performance of the concert, and also to encourage those who participate in such activity to do so safely in close-up, not just as an afterthought

According to this lawyer through his Instagram account, this is not the only demand that all those involved in the organization of this event will receive.

We filed a lawsuit today on behalf of 125 Astroworld concert attendees, to include Axel Acosta’s family. Axel died at the concert. Many of the clients named in this lawsuit suffered broken bones, sprained knees, or orthopedic injuries. Many have psychological injuries.

I hope that we will file the lawsuit on behalf of 100 other individuals very soon. [basándome] As far as I know now… I firmly believe that all individuals who attended that concert and were injured will be fairly compensated. I intend to make sure of it.

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