Apple: elitism with Chinese quality? MacBook M1 problems

It is not the first time that Apple has been in serious trouble with one of its devices; those of Cupertino boast of selling Premium category products – and this is reflected in their prices – but even so, they are not unrelated to the quality problems which have already cost them more than one dislike. However, a laptop screen breaking for no apparent reason seems quite serious, so what happens and what can you do if you are affected by this problem?

Why does the screen on the MacBook M1 break?

An increasing number of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro M1 owners say that the Retina display on their Apple portable device has broken during normal use of the device, for no reason. Claims like these can be found on Apple support forums, on Reddit, and on websites focused on the bitten apple brand as the source of this news, which has also reported on the issue.

There are two prevailing theories as to what may have caused the screen to break for no apparent reason, and they all obviously have to do with hardware problems. The first theory assumes that when the affected users closed the lid of their laptops, some small object could have been trapped between the screen and the keyboard, exerting too much pressure on the screen and leading to the breakage of the screen.

A second speculation revolves around the screen itself, which might not be strong enough to withstand the pressure exerted by holding the laptop with the lid closed or adjusting the position of the computer by grasping the edge of the screen. screen. If anything, it looks like a pretty serious hardware flaw for a screen too fragile.

While in theory these two things can happen to any laptop, it is unclear why the growing number of reports relates primarily to Apple’s new M1 units despite their similar build design to previous models. Due to their extremely thin design, they make very delicate devices, but it does not seem reasonable that this problem is only affecting Apple computers and not other brands, so the problem seems to be rooted in a design problem or from poor quality of materials used.

Swedes are made at Apple

Apple logo

As we said at the beginning, it is not the first time that Apple has faced a similar problem, and it is that no matter how much they boast that their products are Premium, it is still a company that seeks the maximum benefit and for this it often skimps in terms quality.

At the moment the company has not commented on the matter, and it would really be strange for them to assume the problem and take charge of the replacement of defective screens since they will most likely claim that the user has made an inappropriate use of the laptop (because carrying the laptop from a site for another in hand is not what it was designed for, is it?).

In Australia, an Apple Store has charged a whopping 725 Australian dollars (about 450 euros) to a user for the screen replacement of your laptop and thus fix the problem with your MacBook Air M1, which costs $ 899 as standard.

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