Apple employees threaten to resign because the company does not flexibility telecommuting

As COVID-19 vaccination advances around the world, Apple is encouraging your employees to return to work in person. However, not everyone seems willing to go back to the office – in fact, some are contemplating leaving the company as Apple is denying remote work applications.

In a new report from The Verge, the outlet claims that Apple has been further denying requests from employees who want to continue working from home instead of the new hybrid model that Apple has proposed 3 days a week of physical presence and 2 remotely.

On a Slack channel with 6,000 members, lEmployees argue that they will leave Apple if the company does not change its decision. Apple has never been friends with remote work, although there were always specific exceptions. Today some employees claim that even those exceptions are being denied.

In a company Slack channel where employees are betting on telecommuting, at least 10 people have announced that will leave their jobs due to the hybrid work policy or that they knew of others who had been forced to resign.

According to The Verge, the company has been asking for medical records to decide whether employees are suitable to work from home, which they said “made some people uncomfortable.”

Last month, an internal survey organized by Apple employees showed that at least 90% of employees want flexibility when it comes to telecommutingAlthough the company argues that in-person work is essential and hopes that everyone will return to the office soon.

The employees even sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking for changes, but all of these requests were denied. Everything seems to indicate that this summer at apple park It will be very busy.

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