Apple expands Face ID repair program to iPhone X

In February 2022, Apple announced the possibility of repairing Face ID without having to replace your iPhone. Problem, this program was only accessible to certain models, such as the iPhone XS or the iPhone 12. Finally, the apple brand decided to include the iPhone X in the list of eligible devices.

iphone x face id repair
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Remember, Apple made a major announcement in February 2022. Indeed, the Apple brand launched a brand new repair program, which allows Apple Stores and authorized repairers to access camera system parts TrueDepth. Thanks to this measure, users therefore have the possibility of repairing Face ID without having to replace their iPhone.

Until then, when Face ID didn’t work properly, the technicians had no choice but to change the iPhone. According to the statements of the Cupertino company, only a few models were eligible for this new program, starting with the iPhone XS and the brand’s most recent smartphones such as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

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Apple expands Face ID repair program to iPhone X

However, Apple has obviously decided to extend this measure to another model, as suggested by an internal memo relayed by our colleagues from the MacRumors site. Indeed, theThe manufacturer will soon add the iPhone X to the list. Great news for all owners of this model. Previously, if there was a problem with Face ID, iPhone X owners had to go through the iPhone Replacement box. An operation still billed €591… A hard pill to swallow for a four-year-old smartphone. From now on, it will be necessary to put on the table “only” 179 € to proceed with the repair of Face ID.

As a reminder, Apple has specified that this initiative will further reduce the number of iPhone replacements, as part of its commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of its products. Recently, Apple announced that Apple Stores will no longer repair iPhones reported as lost. Indeed, the manufacturer will rely on a database that lists all lost or stolen devices. This is a register developed by the GSMA, the association which represents more than 750 operators and manufacturers throughout the world. In particular, it contains the IMEI numbers of phones reported as lost or stolen.

Source: MacRumors

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