Apple explains how not to have problems with its AirTags

Apple has just updated its guide to security features. It added a whole new section dedicated to AirTags.

The launch had been awaited for months by the most fervent defenders of the Apple brand who had seen the AirTags take shape slowly, thanks to rumors. But this arrival on the market was ultimately more complicated than expected. Apple products, real miniature trackers obviously allowing you to find your keys, your wallet or even your bike, can also be used for much less harmless and much more disturbing purposes.

This is particularly the case in several large Anglo-Saxon cities, on both sides of the Atlantic, AirTags are used by car thieves to target top-of-the-range models encountered by chance on the street during the day, in order to always get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir positioning.

People tracked using Apple technology

Countless people have gone to the police because they found an AirTag hidden somewhere in their car. But even more worrying, some people have been tracked down themselves, without them realizing it immediately. AirTags had been hidden in their pockets so they could be tracked.

In order to minimize the risks around the use of AirTags, Apple multiplies alert messages of all kinds to its community. The apple brand explains that it is very important to pay attention to the alerts that may occur on your iPhone, they are there to inform you if an AirTag moves with you.

AirTags can no longer track us indefinitely

As Apple recalls in its guide to helping people (available in source) AirTags have recently been updated to make tracking people and (unwanted) objects very complicated. Indeed, “Any AirTag held for an extended period of time by someone other than the person who registered it plays a sound when moved, allowing you to find it even if you’re not using an iOS device” explains Apple.

The Cupertino company explains that several solutions are then available to us. Once in possession of an AirTag that is not ours, it is recommended to “scan” it with your phone. To do this, simply place it on the back of the device, as you would for a contactless payment.

A page will then open with the serial number of the AirTag. If the latter has been declared lost by its owner, it is then possible to contact this person to return it to him.

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