Apple explains how to link the Beats Studio Buds with the Mac


In launch or rather the presentation of the headphones Apple’s Beats Studio Buds, on its official website it turned out to be closer than many expected but they finally showed up without an official release date.

These new Apple headphones are available in three colors, they are quite inexpensive and the best of all is that they can be connected via Bluetooth to our Mac easily. Today at Apple they have shown us how to connect them to the Mac and we want to share it with all of you even though we still do not have an official availability date of these new Beats.

Pair the Studio Buds with your Mac or another Bluetooth device

It is important to note that like the rest of headphones without cables we can connect these Beats through the Bluetooth connectivity of our Mac. In this sense, the version of the operating system in which we are and others does not matter, we simply have to follow the following steps :

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your Mac
  2. With the case lid open, place the Beats Studio Buds next to your Mac or other device
  3. Press and hold the system button on the charging case until the LED blinks
  4. Open the Bluetooth menu on your Mac or other device. For example, on your Mac, choose Apple () menu> System Preferences, then click Bluetooth
  5. In the list of detected Bluetooth devices, tap or click Beats Studio Buds

At the moment we cannot connect as they are not available to users but we will surely have news very soon or at least we hope so.

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