Apple explains why Stage Manager is exclusive to iPads with M1 SoC

The apple giant recently presented iPadOS 16, a new update to its well-known operating system that had Stage Manager as one of its most important novelties. A few days ago we told you what value this new feature offered, and we saw that its compatibility was limited to iPads equipped with an M1 SoC, a very powerful chip that is also present in Apple Macs.

As expected, making a long-awaited function like Stage Manager (also known as Visual Organizer in Spanish) not work with equipment based on A-series SoCs, including the powerful A12Z Bionic, raised blisters among some users who saw how they were left without this feature even though their iPad Pro is only two years old (2021 models already mounted the M1).

To calm the waters a bit, Apple has jumped into the fray and explained the reasons why Stage Manager is only compatible with iPads based on the M1 SoC. These are their arguments:

“Stage Manager is a fully integrated experience that provides a completely new windowing experience. Incredibly fast and responsive, it allows users to run 8 apps simultaneously on iPad and an external display at up to 6K resolution. Delivering this experience with the responsive immediacy that users have come to expect from the iPad’s first touch experience requires a large internal memory, incredibly fast storage and flexible external display I/O connectivity. All of these requirements are met by iPads with the M1″ chip.

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In short, iPads that do not have the M1 chip do not meet the hardware requirements of Stage Manager, and they would not have been able to offer a really good experience, neither in terms of performance nor fluidity, so Apple decided to limit support to models equipped with said SoC. However, the iPad Pro configured with the A12Z chip, and other models such as the third generation iPad Air, the fifth generation iPad and the fifth generation iPad mini will be able to update to iPadOS 16 without problems.

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