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Ashley M. Gjøvik

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Apple does not beat around the bush when it comes to taking care of your privacy from other companies or people outside what happens within the company. In the case at hand, We have the full version of the affected woman, an Apple worker who is and has been very critical of some labor aspects of the company. We are missing the other part, Apple. So far what we know is that Apple has dismissed the services of Ashley M. Gjøvik for having leaked confidential information about her work at the company.

The case of this dismissal is very notorious and has transpired, because Ashley M. Gjøvik is a very media person who has offered interviews to specialized media on several occasions and therefore we can have a vision of his past and present in the American company.

We know that Apple, like the vast number of companies in the sector, makes employees sign confidentiality agreements. Agreements that, if broken, can lead to the dismissal of that person. On this occasion it seems that Apple has understood that Gjøvik, has breached these agreements on several occasions and for that very reason has decided to fire her. According to the company, Ashley Gjøvik has violated company policy with Regarding Disclosure of Intellectual Property. However, it has not specified what confidential information, if any, was leaked.

According to AppleInsider, the employee received an email from Apple’s employee relations team saying that an investigation was underway into a “Sensitive intellectual property issue”. The representative recommended that they speak within the stipulated time, but she requested compliance with the previous stipulations that all communications be made in writing. Gjovik responded by reiterating its willingness to participate in the investigation and asked for the opportunity to address the claims. Access to Apple systems was later restricted. She was later informed by email that she was being fired.

Farewell yes. but it seems that the thing is not going to stay as it is

She herself has stated:

After I started receiving retaliation and intimidation last spring, I sadly expected to be fired without any real explanation. However, I am still shocked and hurt. I love Apple products and have worked tirelessly to help ensure that Apple creates exceptional customer experiences. Me, as a little girl who played in my G3 Tower, I never would have dreamed that the company would fire me for standing up for employee rights and working conditions. I feel betrayed.

The already fired, he’s been tweeting about various work-related topics for months. He has often included redacted emails and other means in his posts. Harassment, a hostile work environment, retaliation, intimidation, and sexism are some of the concerns he raised with the appropriate authorities within Apple.

This whole issue comes at a time that is a bit delicate for the company. You not only have to face the dismissal of a media person on social networks. In addition, it has now become known that the Shareholders’ Meeting has been formally requested to review the signing of the confidential agreements signed by the employees. It is alleged that they can hide cases of harassment and discrimination. All this after the recent refusal of a proposal by shareholders and activists to exempt employees from nondisclosure agreements to the consider reports of harassment and discrimination, stating that exceptions are already covered by the Business Conduct Policy.

It seems that Apple employees are beginning to organize on the mishandling of workplace complaints. An external effort called AppleToo has collected and is beginning to publish hundreds of stories illustrating workplace bullying, sexism, racism, inequity, and other serious allegations. This can only be the tip of the iceberg or come to nothing at all.

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