Apple, few news on iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV in 2023

2023 could be a very important year for Apple, since more and more analysts and leakers point out that, throughout this year, probably during the first half of it, one of the most anticipated announcements will take place. Something in which the company has been putting a lot of effort for some time and that, yes, could cause the rest of the Cupertino catalog to suffer during this recently launched year.

Launching is, as you may have guessed, Apple’s virtual reality/augmented reality headset. Many of us have already lost count of the years that have passed since they began to talk about the company’s interest in this technology, and the same about the supposed launch dates with the subsequent announcements, always unofficial, that the project is ending. would have postponed or delayed, either because of market conditions or problems of various kinds.

Just a few days ago, the rumor of a new delay in this regard spread again, but despite this, the voices that point to its already close launch are still the majority. Some point to April or May, but in that time frame, it seems more likely that Apple would prefer to wait until June for the official announcement to take place during WWDC 2023, making this year’s event once again the headlines it had in 2020. when the technology company announced its farewell to Intel and the jump to Apple Silicon.

Apple, few news on iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV in 2023

Thus, with the company’s virtual reality viewer in the making, everything indicates that a large part of the company’s resources are already invested in this next launch and, of course, this means the sacrifice of other product lines that they will have in 2023. one year of stand-by. And this is precisely the line that Marc Gurman points out in the latest edition of his Power-On newsletter. by noting that Apple plans no major updates to its iPad, AirPods, Apple TV, and Apple Watch product lines by 2023.

However, that does not mean that we are going to run out of big announcements this year (besides the viewer itself, of course), since we are also seeing the number of analysts grow who suggest that, this time, in June or October it could take place. another long-awaited announcement, this one from June 2020, the long-awaited leap from Mac Pro workstations and servers to Silicon. Let’s remember that, to this day, this is the only Apple computer that still uses Intel processors, specifically from its Xeon family. Thus, many of us wait to see the ability of the company’s engineers to squeeze the most out of the ARM architecture, bringing it to the market for high-performance systems.

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