Apple files a patent that if the Apple Car becomes a reality it would be great

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This new patent filed by Apple can only be intended for a device of the company. The Apple Car is the only one that can benefit from the new ideas of engineers on the creation and technology of a new sunroof. The glass with which this new sunroof is created is like chromatic sunglasses, the one that depending on the light that falls on them they darken more or less. Now, in a crystal the size that you will carry in a car, it is not easy to put it into practice. The patent shows other things that are interesting.

The patent that Apple has presented in the office has determined that it has been thought of installing a new sunroof in the future Apple Car, we do not know if it will be standard or optional, not even if this idea will really see the light. As I said, the point is that you want to have a sunroof with variable opacity glass, which means that the driver would have the option to adjust the transparency of the sunroof. But all its virtues do not stop there. The patent also shows that the sunroof opens in sequence with the side windowswhile current cars with similar technologies have a fixed sunroof.

sliding roof patent

Another aspect of what has been described is that it includes a window and an area of ​​variable translucency defined in it. This area would be controllable to allow the desired degree of light to enter through the window. A movable panel assembly can be moved between a closed position and an open position. In other words, drivers will be able to choose whether they want to let sunlight into the car without having to open the sunroof, or open it all the way to let in air. This could make options available in CarPlay or even through Siri.

But as we always say, this right now is just a patent so it may stay in a single idea or actually see the light. We will have to wait to see if it becomes a reality.

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