Apple Fitness + and Apple One Premiere available next week

New subscriptions for Apple Fitness + and Apple One Premiere announced by the Cupertino company at the event, the iPhone is about to be launched for all users residing outside the United States. Let’s remember that these services were initially launched there and after a much longer time than many would like they were announced for other countries, including Spain or Mexico, but there are more places that will begin to have these services available.

Apple Fitness + is a specific service for guided physical activity. In the case of Apple One, it is another somewhat more complete service that includes all the services and space in the iCloud cloud so that you have all together in a single subscription.

What does Apple One Premiere offer?

This service is the most complete and offers the user the possibility of having an active subscription to Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV +, Apple Fitness +, Apple News + and 2TB of storage in the new for $ 29.99. Prices in our country remain unknown until the service is launched, but we expect that rate of change that we like so much, 1-1. This would be for us the best service that Apple has as a whole and that is that it offers the possibility of having all the services with a more adjusted price than having one or two of them contracted.

On the other hand, the subscription to Apple Fitness + will also be active next week and this is something interesting for those who want to exercise from home. Subscription to this service individually is right now in the United States from $ 9.99 per month. It will be available from November 3, and all those Apple Watch buyers will have three months free. In this way, the only service that we do not have available after this news is Apple News + and we do not quite understand why after being active in the US for so long.

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