Apple Fitness may add content in other languages ​​soon

With the arrival of Apple Fitness to other countries, we asked many users who do not speak the language of Shakespeare, if the content of it could be available dubbed in other languages. It seems that Apple listens to users (it has done so with the new MacBook Pros) and it seems that before long, some of the existing content and a new one could join Apple Fitness in other languages.

Apple Fitness + features 11 different exercises with dozens of classes and many instructors to help everyone who wants to close their Apple Watch rings. Taking advantage of the launch of the service in other countries, Apple’s vice president of Fitness technology, Jay Blahnik, finally gave an interview to the Brazilian newspaper O GLOBO to talk about this release and what users can expect in the future.

Jay Blahnik said that Apple is «open to the possibility of investing in Portuguese content with Brazilian professionals«. “I think we are open to the possibility of going wherever Fitness + is. Our goal is to help people be healthy. We want to be able to attract as many users as we can and make their experience the best possible. We would be absolutely open to doing all kinds of things to help make the Fitness experience more enjoyable around the world. “

It is very important to be able to receive these Fitness classes guided in the native language of each one, not so much because of the more hectic classes, that even if we do not understand the language we can keep up. If not, for the quick meditations in which we do not need more than headphones or speakers. If we don’t know what they tell us little will we be able to follow the class of meditation.

Because, It is a good signal that we can enjoy in the future classes in the language of each one.

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