Apple Fitness + will arrive in Spain shortly

Apple Fitness +

One of the novelties that went a bit unnoticed at the event on the 14th was the novelties in Apple Fitness +. Apple’s sports subscription service will have some exciting news coming up shortly. One of these new news is that the service is expanding to other countries on the globe. Spain is one of them. So get ready to get in shape.

One of the things that the pandemic has implanted is the need to do as many things at home as possible. Sport is one of them. While the gyms were closed and people could not go outside to practice sports, the five walls of the house were turned into makeshift gyms. But the problem was not that, if not the lack of knowledge to practice certain sports. Subscription services and streaming channels multiplied with exercise tables. But what better than a specialized service connected to your Apple devices? That’s Apple Fitness +

At the event on the 14th, some interesting new features were announced in the service. One of them was the expansion of the subscription service to other countries. Specifically to 15 new countries. Spain will be one of them together with Austria, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

We will have to wait for the end of autumn so that Apple Fitness + also brings group workouts with SharePlay where users can train with up to 32 people at a time to keep each other motivated.

New trainings for a new way of understanding sport

Meditation at Apple Fitness +

Whether you’re just starting out, trying something new, or changing the way you train your mind and body, the amazing and welcoming team of Fitness + trainers is here to help users lead a healthy lifestyle, no matter where. of your fitness journey meet. We are excited to introduce new workouts that give Fitness + users more options to stay active and motivated, plus immersive guided meditation experiences that are accessible to everyone and easy to integrate into their day. With new ways to exercise together or alone, and reaching more countries later this year, we look forward to welcoming more people to experience Fitness +.

In the presentation that you have just read, you can see that new workouts are mentioned. As the Guided Meditation, which can “help users reduce daily stress, develop a greater sense of awareness and resilience to face life’s challenges.” Users will be able to choose from nine guided meditation themes: Purpose, Kindness, Gratitude, Awareness, Creativity, Wisdom, Calm, Focus, and Resilience, for an engaging video experience alongside Fitness + trainers. Each practice will last five, 10 or 20 minutes.

In addition to the video classes, the same meditations will be uploaded each week in audio form to the new Mindfulness app on Apple Watch. Users can experience guided meditation at their convenience anytime, anywhere. This meditation will be led by a group of Mindful Cooldown and Yoga trainers that Fitness + users already know. They include Dustin Brown, Gregg Cook, Jessica Skye and Jonelle Lewis, as well as two new specialized meditation trainers, Christian Howard and JoAnna Hardy.

There will also be Pilates classes also as a new type of low-impact training, giving users more options to maintain and improve their strength and flexibility. All Pilates workouts will last 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Pilates will be led by two new trainers: Marimba Gold-Watts and Darryl Whiting.

Personally, I am very interested in this type of programs and activities. So I’m looking forward to the end of autumn so I can subscribe to the service. Remember that it will cost about 10 euros per month. That I think it is worth it for such a complete and synchronized service, especially with the Apple Watch. By the way you can also subscribe to Apple One if you have any additional service and For the purchase of an Apple Watch, you get 3 months free.

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