Apple fixes a vulnerability related to Zero day

We have all already heard about the spyware from the NSO group, Pegasus, which has been in the news since 2016. Well, you have to know that from the security firm Citizen Lab they have now reported a new critical vulnerability that affects iMessage which also affects the Mac called ‘Forcedentry’.

Zero day fixes

The problem with this spyware is that it has intervened in most of the world and with very different successes for spies. But it is the most powerful who have suffered the consequences. Of course, the response of the companies have responded as they should. Apple now has available the security update that addresses this new vulnerability. It has acted urgently and very well.

The vulnerability attacks Apple’s image rendering library and affects iOS, MacOS and WatchOS devices. So iPhone, Macs and Apple Watch are implicated and can be attacked by this spyware.

Through this vulnerability, the spyware of the NSO group can be located on the device without being detected and could potentially see all messages and listen to all calls.

As described by Citizen Lab, they believe that this vulnerability may have been in use since February 2021, under the code CVE-2021-30860.

After learning about the report from the cybersecurity firm, Apple has immediately corrected this vulnerability and has sent an update. From Apple’s support page it is possible to see the latest security updates. The previous one dates from August 16, 2021 and is focused on iCloud for Windows. You already know that you can update all the devices you have and may be affected. To do this you must go to Settings> General and click on software updates to download the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS and macOS.

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