Apple fixes Studio Display audio issue


A couple of days ago I commented on the sound problem that some users of the new Apple monitor, the StudioDisplay. Randomly, the sound stopped being heard from the speakers on the screen, for no apparent reason.

Two days later, Apple has fixed it with a new monitor software update. Lucky for the company It was not a hardware problem, but a software problem.. “Bug” resolved. So if you have a Studio Display, you may already be upgrading it.

On Tuesday of this week I commented on the audio error that some users of the Studio Display were reporting. randomly the speakers stopped making sound of the monitor. Apple had acknowledged the problem, and was trying to fix it as soon as possible.

Well, two days later, Apple has just released an updated version of firmware 15.5 for the Studio Display, which fixes said sound problem. The previous firmware version 15.5 had a build number of 19F77, while the new version is 19F80.

Apple’s release notes for this new update confirm that it fixes an issue with the Studio Display’s speakers. So once the monitor has been updated, the speaker audio problem is solved.

Before you can update the Studio Display firmware, you must be connected to a mac. You just have to go into System Preferences, Software Update, and there you can update the Studio Display without any problem.

Nobody is perfect, far from it Manzana. No matter how hard you try to test and reprove your devices and their corresponding software, every now and then an error slips through. But what you do have to be clear about is that one way or another, it will solve it, and rest assured that it will not leave you stranded.

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