Apple gives you clues when it will launch new products

Directly and indirectly, Apple leaves clues about when it plans to launch its next devices, whether they are new products such as HomePods or AirPods Max or annual renewals such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac, but, How can we predict when a launch or renewal is going to take place? In this post we analyze it.

The truth is hidden in the details

Apple is a company that likes to keep all its projects a secret, whether it is the launch of new products or software updates. However, it always leaves clues little clues that the fan boys of the brand can determine that it is the renewal or launch of a new product. Let’s see some details.

Offers and delivery periods

The third-party stores or platforms such as Amazon, El Corte Inglés or Mediamark, may receive information about the imminent renewal of a product. For this reason, they can start launching more interesting offers and discounts than usual in order to eliminate the Stock of their units.


A second point to take into account is within the official website of Apple, due to the fact that the delivery of orders begins to fall behind progressively. This delay may have a double reading, On the one hand, that the product is in great demand and it has not been possible to replace all the units, an aspect that does not have a solid basis because we are referring to products that have been on the market for some time and have already passed their peak demand. On the other hand, that Apple has scheduled a renewal and has partially halted the supply and production chains. Therefore, if you are going to buy a product that has been on the market for several months or a year and you see that the delivery periods are several weeks, wait because Apple may have a near renovation.

Possible expected release dates

Apple always performs at least two Keynotes per year: in September with the launch of the new iPhone and Apple Watch and in June at the developer conference. Within both dates, we cannot rule out the launch of new products, such as the renewal of the MacBook Air M2 in June 2022 or the AirPods Pro in September of that year.


Also, Apple always shuffles two additional dates to introduce new products that you don’t always use. On one hand, we have the March keynotewhere you already introduced the student iPad or Apple TV+ services or in October or November, where he showed the first Apple Silicon processors. Therefore, if you have an iPhone and you are thinking of renewing it, if you are very close to September, it is not worth buying a new one because you are going to have an older device on the market. We have the same situation with the 24-inch iMac, a team that has been on the market for several years and that it is very likely that the next renewal is close, where the month of June could be a very interesting one, although the launch by Press release.


By way of conclusionit is important to highlight that, in the same way that the rumors can change Depending on the source and the time of year we are in, the proposals for possible product dates are also based on the premise of what Apple has been doing in recent years. Therefore, at any time, there may be a change and the launch or renewal of a product may occur on a specific date or period.

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