Apple Glass production testing completed

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It appears that production testing of Apple’s virtual reality goggles, known as the AppleGlasshave been successfully completed. A new rumor that certifies that said device is no longer a project, and that it will soon be a reality.

So chances are that sometime this year, Apple will launch its virtual reality glasses. Start a new world to explore in the Apple environment. We will see if it will be accepted.

I’ve been playing with them for three weeks Oculus (now called Meta) Quest 2 that I gave my kid for his birthday. And the truth is that they are a real past. The future is here.

It is very interesting to get into one of these virtual reality glasses. You have sensations that you certainly cannot perceive with any other electronic device. Neither mobile, nor tablet, nor game console. And when you watch a family member or friend freak out when they’re using them, you realize that the vr goggles they are here to stay, and that their technology is already advanced enough to be commercialized with guaranteed success.

Apple has spent years with its project of one of those virtual glasses, the so-called Apple Glass. Well, the latest rumor that has just appeared is that the production tests prior to mass production, and have been a success.

That’s what DigiTimes just published. It ensures in its report that the device has completed the engineering validation tests second phase (EVT 2) to ensure that prototype units meet Apple’s design goals and specifications. DigiTimes states that said glasses are expected to be released to end of 2022.

Previously published rumors suggest that said “Apple Glass” will have a lightweight design, two 4K micro-LED screens, 15 optical modules, two main processors, Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, eye tracking, a transparent augmented reality mode, tracking of objects, hand gesture controls and more. It has also been leaked that its price will be around 3,000 euros. To be continue….

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