Apple glasses, what will they be like?

We are a few hours away from the WWDC of this 2023, and there are many rumors that have been appearing about this new product. And it is that in a very short time we are going to clear up doubts and we are going to see what they are going to end up leading to. The idea of ​​seeing virtual reality glasses by Apple has been gaining more and more strength, and in this post, before seeing them for the first time, we review the most important rumorsand thus, get an idea of ​​what they will be like.

They will carry the new operating system xrOS

One of the last names that the Cupertino company registered was that of xrOS, along with the typography and style itself. To date, there is no product that has this operating system installed, and everything indicates that this “XR” would be an abbreviation of mixed reality concept.

In fact, we still don’t know for sure if they are going to be focused on augmented reality, virtual reality or a combination of both. Much has been said that this new product is going to be able to offer compatibility with both systems (both AR and VR) so in a few hours we will find out for sure.

xros patent apple

Other important aspects

How can it be otherwise, despite the fact that obviously the operating system that the glasses have is super important to be able to enjoy them, there is also a lot of interest in knowing how they will be physically and, above all, what other elements these glasses will have. mixed reality.

The screens have given a lot to talk about

OLED technology, microLED, that if it is going to have a quality like never before… But what has been sounding louder is that it is going to have two screens of 4K resolution, in micro OLED technology, up to 5,000 nits of brightness and support for HDR content.

But not only the screens are important. Also how we can interact with them and how much we can see. This new Apple product is expected to offer 120 degree range of vision.

EyeID in sight?

The iPhone, iPad and Mac have made use of biometric systems to identify us as users. TouchID makes use of fingerprints, FaceID makes a rap of our face, and Apple’s new mixed reality glasses could include a new biometric identification system: reading and scanning our iris.

Supposedly the eye tracking cameras would be used to carry out this identification of users. These cameras would be on the inside of the helmet, in order to also monitor the movement of our eyes to adapt the content and movement of the scenes around us.

About the design

For sure, we will know the design of the Apple glasses in just a few hours. But, despite not having seen anything conclusive, in terms of exterior design leaks, these new glasses are expected to have a minimalist design and in line with the company’s products.

Aluminum and carbon fiber are the materials that are giving the most talk, since it is expected that, in addition to being minimalist, they are very comfortable and light glasses. In the same way as the construction of the front end, the clamping system is also expected to be in keeping with the same style of construction.

apple vr glasses rendering

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