Apple, Google and Microsoft announce plans to bring passwordless login to billions of devices

Apple, Google and Microsoft announced a controversial plan, but it should solve simple everyday issues, such as forgetting passwords. Companies want to expand support for a passwordless login standard.

With the implementation of the so-called Fido standard, billions of users are expected to be able to access their devices and online services without typing a combination of letters and numbers. In return, the fingerprint, face or a device PIN must be used.

While improving the login experience for the end user, the new feature can help companies ensure that their employees are less exposed to scams and threats to steal credentials.

It is worth mentioning that, although the three companies were mentioned to bring the news, all already have passwordless authentication options – as well as several other companies that chose to allow login with fingerprint, for example.

Passwordless authentication with Apple, Microsoft and Google

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Just for comparison, in 2020, Microsoft stated that over 150 million users were using the passwordless authentication tool every month. These measures, according to the company, were adopted in services such as Windows Hello using tools such as Azure AD and Microsoft Authenticator.

In Apple’s case, the option to login using FaceID or TouchID via iCloud Keychain has been available for some time.

Finally, Google revealed plans to bring the option of passwordless authentication to its users by 2023. It is not yet known which services will have the novelty, but it is expected that protection based on user-created combinations may be coming to an end.

More protection for the user?

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This implementation could be a solution to the problem of leaking passwords and theft of credentials, a crime that is increasingly present on the internet. Every year, there are several such incidents – and that number doubles every year.

That’s why 92% of companies believe that passwordless authentication is the future of account access, especially since these companies see that there are several weaknesses in security systems with standard credentials.

More companies embracing the possibility

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But the aforementioned Apple, Google and Microsoft are not the only ones betting on authentication without the use of passwords.

Okta, for example, announced the release of Okta FastPass, a solution that allows device registration in a universal directory for users to log into cloud apps or VPNs without a password.

In another example, it is possible to mention Hypr, which has developed a multi-factor solution, which transforms the user’s smartphone into a Fido token and grants the possibility to log in using the Hypr Desktop MFA and, from there, access various services.

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