Apple has created some 20,000 jobs in India

The relocation of Apple’s operations to India has created some 20,000 jobs, jobs that will continue to grow until 2022, according to various providers.

Apple’s supply chain is very broad and for years it has mainly depended on China. Pressure from regulators, shareholders and global politics in general has pushed Apple to look for alternatives, one of which is India, in addition to Vietnam.

As Apple’s presence in India has grown, the number of job openings has been expanding. According to Digitimes Asia, Apple has been the main culprit of the creation of some 20,000 jobs in the country.

These jobs have been created by suppliers that manufacture and assemble products domestically, such as Winstron and Foxconn. The number of suppliers that supply Apple has gone from so 6 in 2018 to 9 in 2020.

India has offered some incentives for more companies to move their production through a subsidy program called Production Linked Incentive. Foxconn and Winston have applied for the incentive and have promised that each company expects to grow by 23,000 people each by March 2022.

The post suggests that Apple’s employment rate in India would be even higher if COVID-19 had not made its appearance throughout 2020. India has seen a new wave of infections across the country, leading to delays and labor shortages as well as a large number of altercations which forced the company to temporarily close various facilities.

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