Apple has lowered prices again

Apple is a company that is not used to lowering prices, since it considers that the quality of its components and equipment is maintained over time and does not understand that a product that starts from a price drops within certain months. However, Apple does usually follow the strategy of lowering prices when they launch a version within that segment and if you were thinking of buying a MacBook Air or Mac mini, you are in luck Stick around for more details.

MacBook Air M2

Apple, at WWDC presented the 15-inch MacBook Aira device that has the second generation Silicon, M2 and a larger screen that will allow you to work much more comfortably, but maintaining the portability that characterizes the Air segment. With its launch, we found three MacBook Air models, the aforementioned 15-inch MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Air and the MacBook Air with the M1 chip. However, the surprise is that, the one who has lowered its price is the MacBook Air M2, with a price similar to the previous generation. The price scale is as follows:

  • MacBook Air M1 13 inches: 1219 euros.
  • MacBook Air M2 13 inches: 1299 euros.
  • MacBook Air M2 15 inches: 1599 euros.

The MacBook Air M1 came out with a price of 1,129 euros, a lower price than the current one, 1,219 euros, however, the second generation and with a new design, is currently at 1,299 euros, but, at its launch, it had a price of 1519 euros in the 256 GB version and 1869 euros in the 512 GB version. A more than considerable reduction. The goal of this change is not to raise the price of the MacBook Air too much and differentiate much more the Air and Pro segments.

MacBook Air M2 side

Apple makes the same play with the Mac mini

Apple has made the same play with the release of second generation mac minialthough this movement makes more sense in this generation because the Mac mini has the M2 Pro chip, making it a supervitamin Mac as Apple says, and capable of performing any task that is put in front of it.

  • Mac mini 2021 with M1 processor cost 799 euros.
  • Mac mini 2022 with M2 processor costs 719 euros.

The arrival of Apple Silicon has allowed Apple to reduce costs and as a consequence, offers a best product at a more competitive price. This reduction does not seem so great between the M1 and M2 generations, but if we analyze the latest Mac mini with an Intel chip, its starting price was 899 euros. Therefore, we are facing a drop of 180 euros, an incredible drop because, as you well know, the Silicons are in another galaxy of Intel chips.

Mac mini late 2020 M1 ports

It is true that the Mac mini maintains the same design than past generations, but it is a perfect design to work with, since it has a multitude of external ports and connections, much more than MacBooks have.

Mac mini M1 below

With this new price list and new releases, Apple currently has no no equipment with Intel Chip in the marketbecause, at WWDC, Apple presented the new chips for the Mac Pro, the M2 Max and the M2 Ultra, processors with incredible features.

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