Apple hid this function that will freak you out

During WWDC, Apple always presents all the news of the different operating systems that it will launch throughout the fall. It is true that usually all eyes are on both iOS and iPadOS, however, this does not imply that Apple dedicates a large amount of time to said launch, but rather the opposite, since many of the novelties that these versions really bring, have to be discovered during the beta period by the developers. For this reason, you should never really rush to judge what Apple presents in this type of Keynote, since it really does not fully correspond to reality.

The Camera app is vitaminized with this new function

One of the points where Apple is placing the most emphasis in recent years is in the camera application, and beware, I’m not talking about adding functions to take better picturesbut from Cupertino they want the cameras of these incredible devices not only to take incredible photos and videos, but also to be able to provide you with information about your entire environment.

camera clothing labels

The new function we are talking about is the possibility that iOS 17 brings to power know the information of different symbols through the iPhone camera app itself. Specifically, iOS 17 will allow you to focus symbols of the garment labels and give you information about them so that you can be very clear about what you can do with said garment when washing it. Undoubtedly something really interesting, not only because of what it can bring you when it comes to treating your clothes, but because surely this functionality will not stop here, well, in fact it does not stop here.

information tags iOS 17

Another advantage that this will bring is that, the symbols that appear on car dashboards They will also be able to be interpreted by the iPhone itself and thus you will be able to know very quickly, if necessary, what is happening to your vehicle. This without a doubt it’s really usefulsince many people do not have great knowledge of this type and to be able to count on a tool that in a matter of seconds explains to you what that light that suddenly has come on in your car means, it is very useful and, above all, It will bring a lot of tranquility in certain moments of tension and nervousness.

You already know another of the functions of iOS 17 that will arrive when Apple releases the official version in September, however, we encourage you to remain attentive to The Bitten Apple, since surely from now on they will be discovered more functions of this type that Apple did not count, but that will be available in iOS 17, and that, of course, we will tell you about here.

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