Apple hides a new product

The apple company has “aces up its sleeve”, with product renewals that are yet to come, as well as new hardware and new main product lines. And today we are going to see what this new product is about, of which the rumors only gain strength, especially in view of the little time left for WWDC, a crucial moment to begin to clear up doubts.

Apple and its new product line

Many rumors indicate that Apple would present its new mixed reality viewer, whose name could be Apple Reality, at WWDC in 2023. But in that same new product line that this viewer would entail, Apple hides something very delicious. According to the latest information published by Ming-Chi Kuo and the 9to5Mac portal, the company I would already be working on two mixed reality viewerswhich would be presented in 2025. In addition to the viewer with which they are already working, and which they are supposed to present this year.

Apple VR concept

These two devices correspond to the one it would be the second generation of this product. In addition, these two viewers would be focused on two different audiences. While one would be for an entry audience, another would be focused on a more premium sector. And the most famous of all, is that they are already talking about the second generation of a product that has not yet been presented.

Kuo’s statements predict that the ‘high-end’ range will be produced by Luxcaseict, and the lower end will be produced by Foxconn. The Luxcaseict company is a ‘joint venture’ between Luxshare and Pegatron, both dedicated to the development, design and assembly of hardware. All this information, it must be remembered that it refers to the two models of the second generation of the VR viewer. As a complement to these data, it is said that the name of the economic version would be Apple Reality One.

WWDC 2013

From 9to5Mac they report that the main manufacturing partner (of the first generation of the viewer) would be the company Luxshare, who participates in the manufacturing process (already currently) of the iPhone. Apple Watch and AirPods, in addition to the fact that in this first version, Apple seems to bee will focus on the most premium range. “High resolution screens and lots of cameras and sensors, all these premium components will add to the cost. The price that is being talked about is 2000-3000 dollars ”, they explain from 9to5Mac. With a first model for a new product line, and with that price, everything indicates that Apple will have to try to reach many more people to buy the device. And a price of $3,000 is not affordable if you intend to sell massively, especially considering that it is in the virtual reality sector.

Although at the moment this Apple product is kept under lock and key, we will leave (at least the first) doubts about this new viewer. Only time will tell if there is a second generation, how many models and many more details about it. What is certain is that this year there will be WWDCAnd that’s where we’re going to really see what this whole new line of products, technologies, generations, and so on is all about.

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