Apple highlights the importance of the Apple Watch at the event

Apple has not only limited itself to presenting a new model of Apple Watch. Apple has dedicated the first minutes of the Far Out event to show us the testimonials of several people that include the thousands of real testimonies of people who have saved their lives thanks to the Apple Watch. But not only that, it highlights the ability to work together with the iPhone and on its own. Calling emergencies only with Siri. The Apple Watch becomes important. The importance that has been deserving for a long time.

Apple presents in society not only a new watch model. Present what is A lifestyle. A style and above all a computer that helps people to maintain a healthy life. By the way, the company warns that Apple Watch is the best-selling in the world.

The new watch stands out for its new astronomical dials, for example. But its ability to withstand external agents such as water, dirt or daily bumps and shocks is also important. even the most severe.

Temperature sensor

Its ability to maintain our health at optimal levels stands out in a special way. Not only in regard to the heart and its constants. Special reference is made to the performance of period measurements in females. Now includes a new feature related to ovulation. That is why privacy stands out. All this is thanks to the temperature sensor that it has inside. Measurements made every 5 seconds in background. The watch is capable of detecting changes and analyzing them to give scales related to diseases or abnormal bodily situations.

Series 8 temperature

They tell us that privacy on the Apple Watch is now more than ever of special interest. With all the sensors you have and the data you can measure, it’s important to know what our data is safe.

Accident detection

We continue the presentation with the ability of the Apple Watch to detect accidents. This new functionality is added to the clock. It is something similar to fall detection, but advanced and extrapolated to cars. Thanks to the accelerometer and microphone together with the GPS frontal accidents, lateral accidents or even bell rolls can be detected. The watch will call the emergency service to continue saving lives as before, but now in the car.

Battery life mode in low mode

This new mode is introduced that leaves us with a battery of 36 hours long on the clock It’s kind of amazing, but in my opinion that should last without low power mode.

colors and models

They tell us about the colors and the Nike model as well as follows the Hermes model. We continue to have the watch with the best straps and dials from some of the best fashion companies.

It can be booked from now at the same price as the previous ones and received from September 16.

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