Apple hires Meta AR specialist

Rumors of Apple’s proprietary augmented reality headset continue to spread with impressive speed and intensity. And, as reported in the latest post by authoritative, long-established insider Mark Gurman, the tech giant has hired former Meta’s head of public relations for augmented reality technology, Andrei Schubert. “Meta with Oculus has been a leader in the headset market for a very long time, so it really makes sense to get this kind of headset over to its side as Apple is getting closer to launching its own augmented reality headset product.” by Mark Gourmet.

Andrea Schubert, if you’re not aware, was a longtime Director of Communications at Meta Reality Labs, and also led communications at Oculus with Meta. And to be more precise and refer to her profile on LinkedIn, she has held this position since March 2016. Until that moment, she was the director of the OutCast PR agency, whose clients were such companies as Facebook and Oculus. One way or another, with regards to a potential AR headset from Apple, there have been numerous rumors for quite a long time, some of which, not surprisingly, completely or partially contradict each other.

Well, one of the recent high-profile statements in this regard even suggested that the headset would potentially depend on another device, such as, for example, an iPhone or a Mac computer. That is, there is a possibility that the conditional “Apple Glass” will not be autonomous. In the meantime, another official from The Information has announced that it will be a standalone device with two 8K displays, with a potential price tag of up to $ 3,000. The third rumor, which is also worthy of attention, claims that the headset will be of such high quality that it will be able to “run high-performance VR games.”

However, going back to Mark Gourmet’s report, he also stated that the tech giant could potentially complement its augmented reality headset with full-fledged VR headsets. However, if the latter happens, it will be several years after the same AR headset is on sale. But what absolutely all insiders agree on is that the headset, which has been rumored for so many years, will go on sale in 2022 or 2023.

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