Apple: If you find the iPhone 14 Pro Max too expensive, don’t look at the price of the iPhone 15 Ultra

Apple smartphones have never been truly affordable and the release of the iPhone 15 is still a long way off, but the echoes of its price suggest that the Apple firm’s future smartphone will really be classified in the category of luxury products.

A row of iPhone 14 Plus / Credit: 123RF

As we know, the sharp increase in the price of electronic components helping, the prices of electronic devices should experience strong inflation in the coming months. As we know, Apple will further increase the price of its smartphones in 2023. According to the Howtoisolve site, the base price of the iPhone 15 Ultra will be in the range of $1199 to $1299. When we compare these prices to those of the current iPhone 14 Pro Max, we see a significant difference of between 9 and 18%.

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The site mentions a range of iPhones that currently does not exist, the Ultra. Could it be that Apple decides, for the umpteenth time, to change the nomenclature of its devices? Or has the Cupertino company decided to add a new, even more luxurious product to its catalog? No one knows yet, but the rumor of a rising price remains quite plausible.

The iPhone 15 Ultra will be even more expensive than an iPhone 14 Pro Max

We can’t totally attribute the increase in the price of the iPhone to Apple. It is true that in the current economic context, everything is bound to cost more. If we add to this that the company wants its products to stand out more and more from the competition, with even stronger components such as titanium, we have to admit that the increase in the price of high-end smartphones in together, is inevitable.

Among the most anticipated products in 2023, we can mention the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Oppo Find N2, of which only the Flip version will be distributed on the Old Continent, or the Xiaomi 13 Pro. So many smartphones that will certainly compete in the category of the best smartphone of the year 2023.

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