Apple imagines a functional Mac inside a keyboard. We put the screen

A Mac inside a keyboard

Imagine that you have a completely portable Mac and that you only need the screen to start working with it. It’s not the Mac mini. It is the new patent that Apple has registered in the official office. In which there is talk of a fully functional computer but inside a keyboard. A thicker Magic Keyboard-style chassis with “all the components of a high-performance computer”. As we always say, be careful with patents in the sense that we can be very excited about being able to have an invention with these characteristics, but most of them are just ideas that are not marketed.

One keyboard to rule them all

The concept that Apple has described has been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in a new application called “Computer in an Input Device.” It describes a thicker Magic Keyboard-style chassis that fits “all the components of a high-performance computer.” said device, could connect to an external display separated through a single I/O port designed to receive data and power. It would wirelessly pair with a trackpad or mouse for additional input.

Laptops and tablets can be attached to an additional display to provide a desktop-like computing experience. However, these devices require an additional set of input devices. The computing devices described in this document may incorporate or house one or more computing components within an input device to provide a portable desktop computing experience in any location have one or more monitors.

For example, a user can carry a keyboard that houses a computer. Instead of carrying a full laptop or tower and keyboard. As some form of input device is often required. computer components can be included within the case reducing the number of components that must be transported.

It is a very good idea, but as we said at the beginning it may only remain an idea. Would you buy something similar?

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