Apple imagines a MacBook Pro with a retractable keyboard in this patent

Retractable keyboard

Imagine that you open your MacBook and the keyboard rises to a perfect angle that accommodates so that you can type and use it in perfect condition and with amazing comfort. That is the idea of ​​Apple that has embodied in a new patent. The concept has ergonomic benefits, but it also adds moving parts. So for now It’s just an idea that has been captured and recorded and we will not know if it will come true.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple patent 11,181,949 for retractable keyboards. Apple specifies this as follows: “Keyboards that are retractable are disclosed. Movable mechanical or magnetic link elements are configured to reposition keys and stabilizers between different relative positions. Structures in a movable layer can act on the keys or stabilizers to move the keys and stabilizers to a retracted position for storage and to save space on a device.

The patent study reveals that there are benefits and drawbacks. The ergonomic benefits are remarkable. The position in which the keyboard is located will determine a perfect position to be able to type for several hours without tiring the shoulders, arms or back. The evils of the XXI century. But there are more disadvantages for the moment. For example, the mechanism still has to fit between the two halves of the MacBook. In addition, the mechanism for raising the keyboard would actually add more volume and not save space.

On the other hand, a retractable keyboard is a moving part. Something that can be broken. I honestly do not think that anyone wants to buy a device that can break at the minimum exchange rate. It reminds me of the first Samsung phones. And also that we have bad memories of some Apple keyboards. Truth?.

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