Apple improves notes and reminders in iOS 16

The launch of iOS 16 is getting closer, and little by little the different changes that Apple will introduce in this update are taking shape. This is important, because the apple company tends to integrate some functions at the beginning, and as the beta of each new update evolves, it can maintain, modify or withdraw them.

Normally, the functions that remain in the final stage of the beta are the ones that end up reaching the final version, and this is what should happen with iOS 16, an operating system that will only be available for mobile devices that have an Apple A11 Bionic SoC or better, since the neural processing unit will become an essential requirement. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why iPhone 7 and below won’t be compatible with iOS 16, it will only work on iPhone 8 and above.

As for what’s new in iOS 16, Apple has confirmed notable improvements that will come to the notes and reminders applications. In the notes application we can set a lock using the same code that we use on our iPhone, which adds an important layer of security that will prevent third parties from accessing our notes if we leave the phone in sight and unlocked for a few moments.

We will also have a shortcut to create quick notes with Safari links, images and much more, all with a few simple taps to turn them into sticky notes. This can be especially useful in many scenarios, and as some of our readers may already know, it had been kept as a feature exclusive to iPadOS 15.

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We will also see the arrival of other interesting functions, such as the grouping of notes by dates, the possibility of grouping lists of reminders, a category of completed reminders, the option of saving templates to reuse them in specific lists (groceries, medicines, etc.) and filters to facilitate the user experience. iOS 16 is expected to hit the market in mid-September.

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