Apple increasingly sells: its income in the previous quarter

Apple sells more iPhones, more Macs, more iPads and more everything

Despite the fact that last year was one of the hardest economically for many companies and individuals due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the truth is that Apple knew how to weather the storm very well and maintained good revenue figures. However, this year it has not stopped growing and its revenue figures in the second quarter of the year demonstrate this, seeing a increased revenue in all areas, as you can see in the following table:

Q3 2021 Results


Q3 2021 (billion $) Q3 2020 (billion $)
39,870 27,018


Q3 2021 (billion $) Q3 2020 (billion $)
8,235 7,079


Q3 2021 (billion $) Q3 2020 (billion $)
7,368 6,582

Wearables, Home and Accessories

Q3 2021 (billion $) Q3 2020 (billion $)
8,775 6,450


Q3 2021 (billion $) Q3 2020 (billion $)
17,486 13,156

Total sales

Q3 2021 (billion $) Q3 2020 (billion $)
81,434 59,685

It must be said that, unlike what it did in the past, Apple no longer offers specific data on the number of units sold. However, we can intuit that the sales of its devices have increased because the income in each one has risen in such a way that it could only correspond to it, since there have been no price increases. The iPhone remain the company’s flagship product, as do the iPad They have been increased again in good part thanks to the new ‘Pro’ models with an M1 chip. Identical situation to that of Mac that have not stopped growing in income since the arrival of the Apple Silicon.

And although the accessories are also something striking and that has also risen, it is powerfully striking to see how Apple’s commitment to services continues to bear good results, having gone from entering 13,156 million dollars in the same period of 2020 to 17,486 million in this second quarter of 2021. Both the Apple One packages and separate services (Apple Music, Apple TV +, iCloud, etc.) ) seem to work very well for the company to the point of being the highest income behind the iPhone.

They have also grown in all territories

If we go to the detail of Apple’s income for each territory we can also see that the rise has been significant. In the following table you can see:

Q3 2021 Results by Territories

Q3 2021 ($ billion)

America Europe China Japan Rest of Asia Pacific Total
35,870 18,943 14,762 6,464 5,395 81,434

Q3 2020 ($ billion)

America Europe China Japan Rest of Asia Pacific Total
27,018 14,173 9,329 4,966 4,199 59,865

There is not a single territory in which Apple has not increased its level of income, but what happened in China and that once again makes it clear that this territory is one of the best markets for many technology companies such as Apple. In this Asian country, the company almost doubles its income in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the same period of 2020, something on the other hand understandable if we take into account that precisely China was one of the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic , being in fact the place where the first virus outbreak originated.

In total, Apple has entered 81,434 million dollars in these last three months, which represents 36% more income than last year as we said at the beginning. We will have to wait to see the results of this new quarter that began in July to see how the company progresses, especially if we take into account that it is usually one of the most “weak” as it is at the doors of the new iPhone.

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