Apple introduces the M2 chip and the new MacBook Air

m2 chip

Two years after introducing Apple Silicon, the new M2 chip is introduced. Right now Macs can become the most efficient and fastest computers on the planet. In fact this new chip on paper is just amazing.

chip m2

Apple says that the CPU performance is 18% faster. You can now get 50% more memory bandwidth than with the M1 chip. With up to 24 GB of total RAM. There are also now 10 GPU cores in total, with up to 35% better graphics performance than M1.

The new M2 chip is built on the same five-nanometer process as M1. Apple says the M2 chip can compete with high-end notebook PC chips. For example, you can get 90% of the performance of a 12-core Intel CPU. Just great.

This new chip andIt will be integrated into the new MacBook Air.

MacBook Air with M2

MacBook Air 2

The new MacBook Air has a redesigned casing and comes in bold new colors. Rumors said no, but yes. In various colors.

The new air design comes in silver, space gray, starlight, midnight and gold. It has a simpler chassis and flat edges. Like the 2021 MacBook Pro, the display has also been pushed closer to the edges with the addition of a notch on the screen.

With a 11.3mm thicknessfeatures a magic keyboard with Touch ID power button and MagSafe for secure magnetic charging.

The overall screen size for MacBook Air sand increases to 13.6 inches, thanks to slimmer bezels. The Notch houses a new 1080p webcam.

The new Air begins at 1199 dollars (waiting for the price in euos).

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