Apple introduces the new colored HomePod mini

We are at the Apple event that it announced last week and in which rumors indicated that the new iMac and other devices could be presented. After a very lively introduction that reminded us of Star Wars, with a countdown from 5, we have the first surprise, the presentation of the new Colorful HomePod mini.

The Apple event begins with surprise. Few expected that the American company would present in society the new HomePod mini of colors. Exactly five colors. To image and iMac likeness that already presented a few months ago.

They are actually three new colors, because space gray and black we already had with us. Now we can choose the yellow, blue and orange. The truth is that I don’t know which of them is the prettiest. But if I have to go for one, I may go blue.

Apple is going to put you sale next month and will be priced at $ 99. We will have to wait for the online store to resume, you know that there is always an event that is temporarily closed, to see how much they are left in euros. But we will have it next month. So this Christmas I think they are going to be one of the most sought-after gifts.

They come in handy for the new options that Apple has launched regarding Apple Music. With new song search services by voice, the HomePod mini will become one of the best allies in the home.

As we learn more about the HomePod mini, we will tell you about it, but there is no more news. Only the colors that will liven up your life a little more.

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