Apple investigates an iPhone factory in India after massive food poisoning that led to a strike

Manzana has decided to send independent auditors to Investigate an iPhone Assembly Plant in India after the workers decided to go on strike due to the poor working and living conditions they have there.

To be more exact, the iPhone assembly facilities are located about 40 kilometers from Chennai, in the southern part of India, employ about 17,000 people and are owned by Foxconn, the well-known Taiwan-based manufacturer that already accumulates a track record of keeping workers in terrible shape.

An investigation carried out by Reuters has found that The women who work at the plant do so in extreme and inhumane conditions, having to share bathrooms without hot water and sleeping crammed on the floor of the bedrooms. Added to the unfortunate working conditions was an outbreak of food poisoning that left 150 people hospitalized, a fact that ended the patience of the workers and led them to go on strike on December 18, 2021.

In response to the strike and the disclosures, Apple has said it has put the assembly plant “to the test.” On the other hand, a spokesman for the company with the bitten apple has told BBC News that “Following recent concerns about food safety and housing conditions at Foxconn Sriperumbudur, we will send independent auditors. We found that some of the remote dormitories and dining rooms used for employees do not meet our requirements, and we are working with the supplier to ensure that a comprehensive set of corrective actions is quickly implemented. “.

Foxconn Apple

For its part, Foxconn has apologized due to the terrible working conditions and has agreed with the government of the state of Tamil Nadu, where the city of Chennai is located, upgrade of facilities to expand common spaces, improve restrooms and provide potable water.

Apple has recently urged Foxconn to move production to countries other than China, as the Cupertino giant does not want to comply with the demands of the Chinese government. The transfer of production to other countries such as India and Vietnam seeks to reduce the pressure and influence of China and other parties on their interests.

We will see how this matter ends, because it is not the first time that Apple and Foxconn have been involved in scandals like this. Criticisms are often fierce in these cases due to the high selling price of bitten apple products, but being realistic, We are very afraid that this will be covered with a nice layer of varnish that will not solve the underlying problem..

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